How do I access survey results?

To access survey results:

Step 1: Go to Control Panel > Grade CentreFull Grade Centre

Step 2: Locate the Grade Centre column for the survey and click the chevron in the survey's 'column header'.

Step 3: Choose Attempt Statistics

Step 4: You will get a page of aggregated survey results. You will see how many students in total completed the survey and the number of responses against the options for each question. Free-text responses (i.e. Essay and Short Answer type questions) are listed.

This is an informational page and no data may be modified or deleted. The statistics can be downloaded to a tab- or comma-delimited file if you wish to work with the data in Excel. In Grade Centre, click the chevron in the survey’s column header and choose Download Results.

Survey results are aggregated. Results for individual student attempts on surveys are not available like with tests.

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