Can I rename my Blackboard Site?

Yes, you can rename organisation sites completely and you can append differentiating text to module sites (e.g. Jan 2010 cohort).

If the name of your module site is incorrect, you should contact your course administrator and ask them to correct it on the SI student management system. This will automatically update it on Blackboard.

If your module's name has changed due to revalidation, please contact your course administrator to find out if the module code has changed. If the code is different, then you will need to request a new Blackboard site that's a copy of the old one, rather than just request a name change. If you just rename the module, you will end up with a site without any students.

If you want to add information to help you distinguish between several modules with the same name, or rename an organisation, you can do this using the "Manage Settings" option.

Step 1: Login to MyHallam.

Step 2: In the Blackboard Sites channel, click the drop down chevron  next to the site you want to rename.

Step 3: Click the link Manage settings.

Step 4: Type the new name into the site name box.

If you are renaming a module site, you should keep the original name, and add details after the name, e.g. rename Dissertation to Dissertation (part-time).

Step 5: If you have finished updating your site, click Submit.

This request won't be processed immediately. It may take up to two working days before the name of your site is updated.

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