External moderation: How do I download student work annotated inline using Crocodoc/New Box View upload to a different area/folder in Blackboard?

Following the update from Crocodoc to New Box View it is no longer possible to download annotated student papers marked-up with inline comments. Marked-up student papers must be viewed via the Grade Centre. 

Consider setting an External Examiner Smart View that contains only those students in the sample to be provided. This will help the external examiner in locating the student work and feedback to review and moderate.

The following steps can be provided to external examiners revewing and moderating student papers and feedback:

Step 1: Go to Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre and locate the grade column for the assessment and student name. Hove over the the grade cell, click the chevron  and select Attempt {date} {grade}

Step 2: New Box View will display the student's original paper complete with annotations provided by the marker.

Step 3: To view a Point annotation, click or hover over the 'blue marker' , the comment will appear in a pop-up. Click Cancel when done.

Step 4: To view a comment against highlighted text, click or hover over the highlighted text and the comment will appear in a pop-up. Click Cancel when done.

During the transition from Crocodoc to New Box View, existing Crocodoc annotations were 'burnt' into the student papers. Text-based comments can be accessed as in Step 3 above. However IE11 and Mac OS/Safari users should note:

note for IE11 users: highlighted text may obscure student work and therefore an alternative browser such as Chrome or Firefox should be used.

note for Mac OS/Safari users: some combinations of MAC OS and Safari may not initially load papers in New Box View until Prevent cross-site tracking is deselected in Safari > Preferences > Privacy, or alternatively use an alternative browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

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