What do the different icons in Blackboard signify?

Below shows the common icons you will see in Blackbaord and what the icons represent. Please note if any of the icons are greyed out, it means they are not currently visible to students.


Name and Description         



Content Item

Embedded content (text or image) that is displayed on the page on which it is created.

A content item may also contain an attached file.



Content folder

A folder to store several pieces of content. Click on the folder title to access the content within.



Discussion Board

A link to a Discussion Board in Blackboard. It may link to either a list of forums or one particular forum.




A link to a Blackboard assignment. This allows students to submit work on Blackboard.

The page it links to displays a submission textbox, file attachment option and a submission button.




A link to a Turnitin submission point. This allows students to submit their assignment to Turnitin, which checks for matches against other papers and online sources.





A link to a deployed test (i.e. one which students have access to) in Blackboard.



External Link

A link to an external website (outside of Blackboard).



Resources List Online (RLO)

A link to the Resource Lists Online reading/resource list for the module. Click the title to go to the RLO page.



Internal Link

A link to a page within the same Blackboard module. 



Blackboard Collaborate 

A link to launch a scheduled Blackboard Collaborate session




RSS Feed

An area which pulls in a 'feed' of content from another site. The content updates as the source site is updated.




Shared Blog

Links to a Shared Blog on a Blackboard site.



Private Blog

Links to a Private Blog on a Blackboard site. 





Links to a Wiki on a Blackboard site.





Links to a group on a Blackboard site (as long as you have permission to access it).

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