How to add your media files to a Blackboard site

How to add your media files to a Blackboard site

You can add video or audio files to your Blackboard site using MEDIAL media server. Before uploading the video it is good to check that you are not breaching any copyright. See copyright basics for more information on copyright.

Follow the steps below to add media to your Blackboard site.

1. Go into your Blackboard site.


2. Go to the area of the site where you would like the media to be located and add an item using the menu Build Content > Item.

3. Add a name for the item which will appear as a title for this section.

4. In the text editor area click the ‘Mashups’ button and choose ‘MEDIAL’. A new window will open. 

mashups button

5. If it is the first time you have accessed MEDIAL this way you will be asked to login using your SHU username and password.

6. You will then have two options; to upload new media, or to search for media already uploaded to MEDIAL. 

7. The Search option might be useful if for example other members of the course team have uploaded content that you want to find and add to your site. Note: you will not see videos uploaded by others that have been set to ‘Personal’ as this content will only be viewable by them (see below).

8. To upload new media choose Upload. You will then be taken through the following steps. 

9. The first step is to click Browse and locate the file you want to upload on your computer. When you have selected the file you will see the upload begin and the progress bar should start moving until it reaches 100%. If you change your mind and want to upload a different file simply click ‘Browse’ again and repeat the process. Then click Next.

10. Details - Here you can add information/data for the media you are uploading.

  • Title - you are required to add an appropriate title to identify the media. 
  • Category - you are required to choose a either ‘Personal’ or ‘Default’. 
      • Personal - only you can view the content.
      • Default - the media can be found by others.
  • Description - you can add any additional information here. Perhaps a summary of the media content, the date it was created and any extra information that would supplement the media.
  • Email Address - this should be pre-populated with your SHU email.
  • Tags - Tags help the media become more searchable, making it easier to locate in the media server. You can add as many tags as necessary to help identify what the media file is about e.g. Sheffield, Students, Level 4 etc. You can also add tags that are more specific, for example if the media is useful to a course then you could add a tag that is unique to that course e.g. ‘Digital Capability 2018-19’. You could share this tag with colleagues and build up a collection of videos for use across different modules.
  • Thumbnails - Here you can upload an image that will represent the content of your media. If you are uploading a video file you can choose from a selection of thumbnails automatically taken from the video footage. If you don’t add a thumbnail image for audio you will get a default image.

11. Assoc Files - In this section you can upload a caption file and/or any associated files that might accompany your media.

12. Final step is ‘Confirm’ - at this stage you can review each of the previous steps and revisit these to make any changes. Once you are happy and confirm everything is correct select ‘Next’.

13. On the next page you can adjust the media size (default setting is 640 x 480), the quality of the media (default setting is HD for video and High for audio) and you can also choose to have a download link for your media file (this is selected by default). Select 'Next'.

14. You will then get a confirmation page to say that the upload has finished and the small window will close. The media file and accompanying information will now appear in the text area in the Blackboard page. Click 'Submit' to finish the process of adding the media to your Blackboard site. You will see the thumbnail for the media displayed on your site. Larger files (such as long HD video) may not be playable immediately as the media server processes the file.

And that's how you can add your media on Blackboard.

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