Start of semester – Publish feedback return dates for summative assessments in Blackboard

In order to comply with the University’s Threshold Standards for Supporting Learning with Technology, you must articulate how, when and in what format students can expect to receive feedback on their work. The Blackboard Calendar should be used to publish feedback return dates to students.

Adding a feedback return date to the Blackboard Calendar:

[Video guidance showing how to add a feedback return date to the Blackbord Calendar can be found between 2.12 and 3.57 minutes in the screencast on Blackboard notifications. View in Medial or YouTube]

Step 1: Log into shuspace

Step 2: Click on your name at top right of the screen to open the Global Navigation Menu.

 Step 3: Click on the Calendar icon   to launch the Calendar.


Step 4: The Calendar will open and highlight the current date.


You can stay in the current view …

… or alternatively use the Calendar navigation options to move to the month/date you are creating the Event informing students of the feedback return date.


Step 5: Click the ‘+’ button in the top right of the Calendar …

… or alternatively click on the ‘cell’ in the Calendar on the date which you are creating the Event informing students of the feedback return date.


Step 6: A Create Event pop-up window will appear


Step 7: Replace New Event Name... with a title that clearly reflects the name of the assessment task (or subtask) for which the feedback is being returned and explicitly makes reference to feedback return, e.g. Task 1 (Essay on topic 1) – Feedback return 15/12/17.

Step 8: From the drop-down list under Calendar, select the name of the module for which the assessment task (or subtask) relates.

Step 9: Select the All Day option …


Step 10: … and then click on the date box against Starts. A date selection box will open. Select the date for feedback return (using the navigation arrows to move between the months), or type in the feedback return date using the date format dd/mm/yyyy. Repeat for the Ends date box. Both the Starts and Ends dates must be the same.


Step 11: Use the Event Description to inform students about the format in which (or how to) access the feedback and click Save.


Step 12: Your new Event informing students of the feedback return date will appear in the Calendar on the selected date. Click on the Event name to view, edit or delete.


 Students will see and access the Event informing them of the feedback return date by clicking on the event name displayed in their Calendar.


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