External moderation: How do I download student work annotated inline using Crocodoc and upload to a different area/folder in Blackboard?

After assignments have been submitted and marked inline using Crocodoc you may find that you need to copy these scripts to a different area or folder within Blackboard (e.g. for external examiner access). To do this you download the annotated scripts and upload them to a different area in Blackboard.

(N.B. For the purpose of this article, a typical area that might be created to contain documents for an external examiner to access is demonstrated).


[Video guide to downloading, uploading and accessing annotated Crocodoc scripts]

Creating a content area

Step 1: Go to the Blackboard site in which you would like to create an area to store the annotated scripts.

Step 2: Click the + at the top of the site menu and choose Content Area. Name the content area (e.g. External Moderation) and make sure it is NOT available to users. Then click Submit.


Step 3: Click on the newley created menu item. Under the Build Content tab select Content Folder. Name the folder and click Submit.

Step 4: Create as many content areas as needed.

This shows an example of how a folder for external examinars could be set up.

Downloading annotated Crocodoc scripts

Step 1: Go to the Full Grade Centre.

Step 2: Go to the Student/Assignment you wish to download and click the chevron. Select the Attempt {date}{score} you want to download.

Step 3: Click the download icon and select Download Annotated PDF.


Step 4: Select an appropriate and secure area for the document and click Save.


Uploading annotated Crocodoc scripts

Step 1: Go the area in Blackboard you would like to store the annotated scripts.

Step 2: Select Build Content then Item. On the Create Item screen give the file an appropriate name, and description if appropriate.

Step 3: Under attachments click Browse my Computer and select the downloaded annotated PDF.

Multiple files can be attached.

Step 4: Once all the files needed have been attached click Submit.


 With some browser and settings combinations you may not be able to view the annotations through the link. To solve this right-click to save the file and then right-click on the saved file and choose open with Adobe Reader. The annotations will now be visible. 

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